Empower yourself 30 day challenge beginner


Thank you 'do yoga with me ’ team! I just finished the 30 day challenge for beginners and feel great. I discovered your website a couple of years ago, never having done much yoga prior to that, and have become more and more consistent in my yoga practice. I love David Procyshyn’s classes, especially the ones that involve the upper back and hamstrings as those are the areas I have issues with. These classes have made me feel so much better physically and mentally. With the 30 day challenge, I was introduced to classes, types of yoga and instructors I would probably not have tried otherwise…and they were all great. I have come away with a few new favourites, as well. Thank you!


Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Love it!


I have just started a 30 day challenge for beginners and am finding it quite challenging. Sometimes I have to just sit quietly and smile at the video cuz I know I cant do that pose yet ! I usually try to modify the instruction and do something at least. Something that is safe for me. I love the way yoga gives me energy and flexibility in day to day activities. Sometimes I hear snippets about why the pose is good… talking about fascia and deep tissue. I am wondering if there is a particular video that really explores/teaches that well ? Thanks for being here with your wonderful videos and instructors.


nice good job well done


I just started 30 day program too. I found your post supportive because my mind is refusing to accept I can’t do intermediate poses, and I’m a very fast-paced, nervous person. So, to read that you sometimes “have to just sit quietly and smile at the video” because you can’t do that pose yet inspires me. And, your willingness to be on that mat and being where you are, doing something that is safe, is the patience and loving acceptance I’m asking for for myself. Just being here. Yay us!


This is fantastic!! I am a former yoga teacher who specialized in prenatal and specialty yoga classes, but due to some major life changes over a period of a few years, I let my yoga practice go. When I was teaching, I was constantly asked if there were any good videos or online classes that I could recommend. I discovered this website in the fall of 2017 and started the challenge two weeks ago. I was so stiff going into the challenge, but the instruction from all of the classes so far has been wonderful. For the first time in several years I truly feel that I can regain my practice and follow through. Currently, I work as a health coach, and when asked for ideas of where to look for online classes, I feel very confident suggesting a peak here. Excellent instruction, great classes and wonderful teachers! Thank you!