Combining daily practice with Chronic Stress program

How would you recommend combining a daily yoga/exercise practice with the 21-day Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety & Depression program? Physical exercise is essential for my mental health and I like to do it in the morning, but I’m also in need of this program to manage my depression. I’m wondering if I should do my physical exercise first and then the Chronic Stress program class + meditation or do them in reverse. Any suggestions welcome since time management is also an issue. Thank you!

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I now start my day with yoga and a little meditation as it calms my adrenal system down (which tends to start very high making me want to charge into the day but burn out very quickly). It settles me into the day, then I take my dog out for a walk. This change has made a huge difference to managing my mental health. Good luck. :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting. I’m on partial medical leave due to high anxiety. I’m also the type to go full on into my day and then crash. I’ve been meditating and doing 20-30 minute yoga first thing & I also have noticed a difference with my mental health.

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I practice this Calm in the Chaos with Fiji McAlpine | . Very like it!

I would say that the solution is different for everyone, and to follow your intuition. In my experience, we feel more anxious when we get stuck making decisions, especially when the choices aren’t important enough to result in more anxiety. Letting go of everything that creates the anxiety in our bodies can feel hard and complicated, but it’s actually quite simple. I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is simple. Our minds are designed to be busy and reactive, and our job is to turn the busyness down and be more watchful so we can learn how to be less busy and reactive.

I designed a new program around these ideas - it’s called Let Go of Anxiety and Fear 21-Day Program. It’s a premium course so it’s a bit more expensive than our other content, but it’s very interactive and the first two days are free.

I hope that helps!

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