Learn How to Live with Anxiety


This is the forum thread for those moving through the Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression program. You can post comments or questions for me, or the community, here.

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What is the anxiety program …? Thanks ,hila


I haven’t strictly followed the program because I am concurrently taking a Mindfulness Meditation class, and I’m following their curriculum. But to fulfill my homework obligations for that class I frequently use your guided meditations. I especially like the Turn it Off one. Very grateful to you!!!


Hi. It’s the Yoga for Chronic Stress, Anxiety and Depression program that can be found on our Yoga Programs page.


That’s great to hear! Thank you for sharing.


You are a source of comfort to me. Very grateful.


Thank you for the course. I’m just about to start week 3 and I think it is definitely helping.
Can you please explain how to “turn off nervous tension” which you say to do. Is there a technique like there is for relaxing?


Hi @LloydS. The intention is to get you to experience turning off your nervous tension. Are you able to do it? If you can what does it feel like?


Hi David I haven’t been able to experience turning off nervous tension. I don’t know how and I think it’s a major factor in my chronic stress. I can relax muscular tension now, so I’d really appreciate some techniques and suggestions for turning off nervous tension as well. Thanks


What is the new 21 day program. After 3 videos


I recently received 3 videos. Now what is 21 day program. I get back to old one that has been on site. Is that the one your are talking about? Hard to navigate. Maybe


Maybe my computer? Finding hard to navigate. I am subscribed and it seems to keep sending me to subscribe more or again!


Hi Bette. Yes the 21 day program is the (old) anxiety program that is in our Programs area. Many of the people who sign up to receive the 3 emails are new to the sign so haven’t seen the anxiety program before. Apologies for the confusion.

In respect to the nervous tension, the first step is simply feeling it. Do you feel that you can be still, close your eyes and feel the nervous tension in your body?