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Hi there, I am new to DYWM and have been doing the 21day programme for stress, anxiety and depression. I didn’t think I had any of these issues but have found a surprising awakening about myself. Those little additions, comfort eating, drinking to feel better etc. I am feeling very positive about the journey every day. I’ve made it to day 16 and my young son got very ill. He needed me and I had to stop my journey to give to him what he needed.
What I want to know is, after stopping should I go back to the beginning or will it still be effective to carry on?

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Hi Susan.
I’m so sorry that I didn’t respond to this earlier. It totally missed my radar.
Can you tell me what you ended up doing? I would have responded to keep up with the practice that helped the most and make it a routine. Stay diligent with the concepts you learned, with the intention of letting go of your anxiety on a daily, moment-to-moment basis.
Take care,

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Thank you for your reply, They say better late than never. I only missed one day and have now become very immersed. I started doing the intermediate, 30 day challenge and found that I wasn’t quite ready to do that, so I went back to the beginners. It can be tricky when you aren’t a beginner but not quite ready for intermediate. I find myself mixing it up a little. I am doing yoga morning and night most days and choose beginners when I need to be more gentle and intermediate when my body is ready for the challenge.

Sounds a lot but I do balance it out well and have a rest day where breathing and meditation is my go too. Thank you so much for your programme, I’m a big fan and tell all my colleagues about it.

Regards Susan Clark.

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It sounds like you have a nice flow!

I’m curious whether you found the guided meditations in the program to be helpful, compared to the yoga and pranayama. What was your experience?

For me I found the two quite different. The Yoga and Pranayama helped me get in touch with my body on a more physical level and guided meditation, although guided, often sends me on a spiritual journey that is more to do with the mind, emotions and spirit.

I confess, sometimes on the guided meditation I cease to hear the voice as I relax into a space of my own.

Hard to explain.

Like to mention, last night I had a great amount of trouble reaching sleep. Because I am so much more in tune with myself, that I was able to work out what I had done to put myself in that place. ( No meal planned, hunger, bad choice, sugar and white flour) I had to rest, drink plenty of water and wait for it to pass. And of course, learn from it.

Sorry for blattering on, I love talking and sharing, all I need is the invitation and…



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Thanks. That’s the intention of the two, so I’m glad to hear that you experienced them that way. It’s also quite common that people drift off, and that’s a good thing too.

That’s amazing! You know, one of the hardest things to learn is to let go and let things pass. It’s the old buddhist adage, ‘this too will pass’, and once you fully integrate that into your being, it has an incredible effect on your life. You feel everything equally - the passion, love, joy, pain, insomnia, frustration, sadness - and the key is that you no longer get emotionally attached. It sounds like you’re on this path, Susan.

I love that you’re sharing, so thank you and I hope you stay in touch.

Take care,



First- I so appreciate this site. Thank you for the work you do!

Second- I am looking for a bit of guidance on appropriate class selection. I
have wanted to try a challenge series in hopes of developing a daily yoga
practice. However, after trying a few challenges I feel my practice is in
between levels. I always gain something from the foundational classes but would love to try something different and I don’t quite have the strength for intermediate. The classes that seem to be fit this are often labeled “advanced beginner”.

Is there a specific challenge/teacher/a few classes you recommend? This level
seems to be more difficult to find.

Thank you so much for any guidance you can provide. And thank you, again for
this site and the work you do. It has been really nourishing and centering
during quarantine.

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Hello! Thanks for the kind feedback. We’re doing our best!

I’m not sure if you noticed, but we recently more difficulty levels to our Yoga Class filter. I imagine you would now be looking for Intermediate I level classes.

The teacher I would recommend is Rachel and I would highly recommend doing her 7-Day Challenge. She also has a great series on Bow Pose that you might want to check out, in our Peak Pose Challenge section. Let me know if you have any trouble finding these.

Dear folks; I love DoYogaWithMe…but my feed has been pretty much the same for the last two months. Some new advanced or advanced/intermediate content from Crista or Jonni would be soooo welcome. Variety is so important with recorded classes. Offerings from BIPOC instructors would be lovely as well to reflect the inclusive of all in a global yoga community. Thanks for all you do for the yoga community. Namaste. Jennifer