Completed Class Log

I attended an in-person yoga studio for 4 years that logged the classes you took and rewarded you for reaching a certain number of classes. Some of the rewards were things like a free week of classes, which wouldn’t be practical for DYWM…however, other rewards were simply being told you were “at the next level” so-to-speak. Kind of like becoming a new belt color in karate. I found it to be really encouraging and slightly addictive…(I guess there’s a reason why people get addicted to video games!) Is there any similar feature on this website? Or any plans of updating the website so users can log their classes or make goals to “reach the next level,” whatever that level may be?

Thanks for all that you all do!


Thanks. That’s great feedback. We don’t currently have anything like that but are working on it now. We don’t have a launch date set but will announce it’s arrival when it’s close.