Core Stability Program - What's Next?

What would be a good program or set of classes to follow up the core program with? Would Kathi’s pilates classes be a good choice? Other suggestions? I would like to continue core & alignment classes every other day until I feel I am ready to progress to intermediate classes. Thank you!

Yes, absolutely. Kathi and Kim have a great series of classes that would be a perfect continuation from the core strength program. They will challenge you more and emphasize everything you learned.

How did you like the core strength program, by the way?

i loved the core strengh program. Iearned so much about alignment. I have incorporated the knowledge into my daily routine. I even use it sitting at my desk and walking. I have noticed my posture improving and my back & shoulders do not hurt as much.

Thank you so much for responding. I will start incorporating the pilates classes and any other alignment classes tha I see.

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