Does your commitment to practice change during the summer months? Why or why not?

Traditionally bricks & mortar yoga studios see a drop in class attendance during the summer months. But what about your personal practice? Does having access to online, on-demand classes make it easier to maintain your yoga practice?

No I still keep up my normal practice routine. I started doing a committed routine during the pandemic, with tremendous results. Now I really feel I own it to myself to continue no matter the time of year


No, I prefer to do yoga outside whenever possible. I would like to se longer and more advance classes.

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I tend to exercise outdoors more in the summer (running, hiking, yard work). If my WiFi reached, I would love to do my yoga outside with online classes! It’s not really in my budget to download classes, but one or two would probably be work it. I’d be happy for suggestions of classes that are well-suited to the backyard!

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I agree, I am outside a lot more. I’m not necessarily looking for outside practices, but some more sessions geared towards releasing sore muscles from gardening and yard maintenance.

Thanks, I love everything about DYWM. It has saved my back!!

Oh, that’s interesting! I haven’t had a studio based practice in a very, very, very long time.

So no, for me, there is no change in my practice depending on the season.

I live in the northern hemisphere in a place with pretty bitter winters, so if anything, having an “online” studio helps more in the winter, when I can’t or don’t want to leave the house!

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What an interesting question; thanks for posing it (pun intended!). My practice does not change in the summer months. I use yoga as a preventative to back problems (in my past) and stress, so I am a daily DYWM user. :slight_smile:

I usually go to my yoga studio more during summer due to my work schedule, but my main practice is through DYWM.

Interestingly, when I considered this question, I realize that I have always been pretty dedicated to the practice schedule I have had. So at my in-person classes, I was always there unless sick or traveling. But with DYWM, I found I needed to commit to a definite schedule/time for yoga at home. Otherwise “oh it is always there…I can do it later” would kick in. Happily, when I discovered DYWM during lockdown, I was able to commit to practicing more frequently and the habit has stuck (year-round)!

I have a nice yoga exercise area in my home. I do my yoga all through the year. I used to go outside in the summer but I find my inside area has all my props, etc. if I go on a summer vacation, it sometimes difficult to precise daily unless there is a decent gym.

No, it doesn’t change. Yoga is part of my morning habit. If anything, if I had to go to a studio in winter I would be less likely to go. I love doing it at home and having the freedom to do it any time that suits.

Any classes that you like could be taken outside for sure! One work around could be creating a wifi hot spot with your phone that your computuer can hook up to!

I did yoga intermittently for years, almost always in in-person classes, but was never entirely comfortable with the logistics or the cost. During the pandemic I started doing yoga at home with DYWM’s classes, and never looked back. Now I practice almost every day, regardless of the season. I like the flexibility of on-demand classes, and the selection at DYWM is great, so I can always find something to fit my needs (though I definitely have my favorites).

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When I used to attend classes in a studio I always slacked off during the summertime and very often had to talk myself into going - but this certainly doesn’t happen now I’m committed to my home practice with DYWM, Its a daily practice that integrates seamlessly into my early morning routine - this morning was a typical example ……got up, and after my morning cup of tea I went into the garden to water the flowerbeds, then just rolled out my mat and enjoyed a wonderfully pleasing class led by Rachel Scott….then on with my day!

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Fantastic! Yes I agree having the online classes makes it easier for me to keep consistent through the summer, especially when I am traveling.

I go outside more in summer. We love hiking and kayaking. I still practice yoga daily, but am more likely to take a shorter class.

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I am on day 70 of my commitment to a daily practice. I am planning 365 days in 10-day blocks. So for the next 350 days it won’t matter what season it is! I realized that my barrier to consistency is the cold. I live in the north of England so deliberately began my own challenge in the spring because I new that if I got this far, I would be unlikely to stop in the colder months.

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I hear you on the cold! (Sometimes I am doing yoga in my COLD practice space in winter and laugh when I have chosen one of those DYWM classes that is filmed at the beach.) So that was brilliant to start in the spring. Congrats on Day 70!