DYWM App please!?


What are your thoughts on creating a yoga App?

Here is my story. I love DYWM. I love the instructors, love your mission, and I love the class search functionality that lets me find the right class for the right moment.

But I’m frustrated. I like to do yoga when I travel, sometimes in places with weak or no WiFi. So I purchased and downloaded some audio classes. To access the classes on my iPad, I had to go through a rather painstaking process of downloading 2 separate apps because for some weird reason the classes I wanted weren’t available in 1. I had to get Gumroad and Bandcamp. Neither of which are useful to me in any other way in my life. Then later, when I went to do a class, the app had updated and the classes had moved to the cloud and were no longer on my device, so I couldn’t even do yoga. Sigh. What a laborious process with no reward.

So I admit I started looking into yoga apps with a download function. I tried a handful of them. I’ve spent the last couple months doing a daily practice with another service because the app was just more convenient, for travel and in my normal morning routines. But unfortunately, I miss DYWM. This morning I did a class with Rachel Scott and it was just everything I was missing with the other yoga app. I just want DYWM, but like, the 2020 app version.

I’m not proud to admit that the extra steps of opening safari, navigating to your site and then finding my favorites, etc. are a little inconvenient. But Apps are easier. And easier means more yoga in my busy life.

Thanks for your consideration,


Hi riverleft.

That was nice to read, thank you. And thanks for the feedback! We recognize that the process feels laborious. We are actually in the process of creating an app. We’re not sure yet if a temporary download function will be available on it, but we can let you know once we do.

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Is an App for Android Platform created ?


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Hi Varun. We are working on one now, scheduled to be available in May/June. Yes, there will be an android option.