Subscription Change

I had a paid subscription for several years and did not renew it for 2022. It definitely was not because I was dissatisfied with DYWM. I regularly suggest it to others interested in yoga and pilates. During the past year, I joined a local fitness business that offers ZOOM classes. Yoga and pilates classes are two of their class offerings. As time passed, I used DYWM less because I like the interaction of the ZOOM classes, and I also like supporting a local business. I will always be grateful to the wonderful DYWM teachers and the encouragement I received from DYWM. Thank you all so much.


Hi there, I also belong to a local yoga group and pay my monthly fee. We do yoga outdoors and they are offering zoom classes as well. I keep this membership for the same reason - to support a local business. I go to the classes and workshops for the camaraderie. Love the instructors and my yoga buddies.
But for serious practice - nothing beats DYWM for me!

Thank you so much for your comments. I agree DYWM is great for serious practice, and I do miss it, but I am on a fixed income and also had to consider my budget in making a decision. I cannot afford DYWM and the local fitness studio.


Sorry to hear that. Maybe you will remember some sequences a d practice by yourself. All the best

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