DYWM Purchase and Download Comments

Recently, I purchased my first DYWM downloads because I occasionally have problems streaming classes that are longer than 25-30 minutes. I also want to have classes I like available offline. I consider myself fairly tech savvy so I figured out the download process. However, I feel there should be an easier, more user friendly way to download classes. Since I primarily use an iPad Pro, I would like an easy way to directly download onto it. I did get the first class downloaded into my iPad Downloads and synced into iTunes, but wasn’t able to do it with the second class I downloaded. I now have both classes as offline in Google Drive which is working for me. I’m not using iCloud because I don’t want to pay for extra storage. Am I the only person who’s been frustrated with downloading classes? Are others willing to share what works for them?


Hi there and thanks for the feedback. Yes, with more and more apps featuring easier download options, ours can seem a bit cumbersome. If anyone else has any feedback, please share. We’re currently working on an app, so will consider that before launching.


Thank you for being so responsive to DYWM users. It is just one of the reasons I always recommend DYWM to people I meet in my daily life.


To piggy back off this comment, I would like to buy a subscription to DYWM, but am often traveling in areas where there is no connectivity. If I download a class with a subscription do I still pay the amounts listed on downloads? Or, can I suspend my subscription for a month then pick it back up when I return to connection land? (and, reading the above about the difficulty of downloading, I am a bit hesitant to even try :slight_smile: ). Thanks for your help.


I give an annual subscription to DYWM as a Christmas gift to myself each year. I am a subscriber for several reasons: It is cheaper than yoga studios, and I don’t have to spend 20-30 minutes driving each way to and from studio classes; I want to support the DYWM mission of providing yoga for those who may not be able to afford a subscription; the teachers are some of the best I’ve ever had; the people who create and maintain the DYWM website content have been very responsive to any questions and problems I’ve had. For example, when my credit card was compromised last Christmas, and I was double-charged on a new credit card, Sean quickly refunded the second charge. The videos I’ve downloaded for offline viewing because of streaming problems work perfectly, and I’m confident DYWM will resolve tablet download and streaming issues in the future. Right now, I’m using DYWM YouTube and have not had any problems with the YouTube videos freezing up. Since I’ve created and maintained websites, I’ve tried to be patient with DYWM because website work can be a frustrating job. I have no interest in television and never use one so I’ve had no experience with DYWM on a television. Although I have both a laptop and desktop computer, I prefer to use my iPad Pro for DYWM videos. It fits better in the small space I have for yoga practice.I use my iPhone every day for the relaxation/meditation audios and have never had a problem with those freezing up.


Thanks for the feedback, everyone. It looks like we have solved the streaming issue on apple devices. Let me know if you experience any problems.

To answer the downloads question, if you pay to download a video you own it forever. It’s fairly easy to play it on your device - let me know if you have any questions. We are launching an app in May or June and we’re hoping that this will make playing videos offline easier for those who find it challenging.

I hope that answers your questions!


Thank you for working to resolve this issue. I only use an iPad Pro for DYWM and have been using the YouTube videos because of iPad streaming problems. I tried one of the videos on the DYWM site today, and it worked perfectly. It will be great to use videos with the filtering options on DYWM again. I appreciate the changes to the Difficulty and Class Length drop-down menus on the browse classes page. Thanks also for the special offers for those quarantined right now.

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Good to hear! Yes, the filtering options can be incredibly useful! Glad it’s working for you now.

I just purchased a Melissa Krieger class partly because it is an excellent class but also so I can see it offline if need be.
I was surprised to find that I could only access the class via ‘Gumroad’. When I try to download it from Gumroad onto my Android device I just get a screen that says ‘downloading…’ with a circular rotating symbol that never stops. The download never arrives. Can you help?

Hi @Charliejmonk,

Please note that you do not need to create an account with Gumroad in order to download or view your class.

Do you mind sending me a screenshot of where you click to download?

Kind regards,

Clare Nicholls-D’Souza
Technical/Customer Support

Thanks for your reply. I could not see any way of downloading the video on the DYWM site until I had purchased the video which I did not mind doing. I purchased it ‘for phones and tablets’ after which I was offered to download the video by signing up to Gumroad. I cannot reproduce that screenshot without buying another video but I have attached the subsequent Gumroad screen that has the download link. I was surprised that this was the only way to download it so I did look on DYWM for an easier way but did not find it. Now that I have paid for it, are you able to show me how to get it from your site?

Many thanks

Charlie Monk

Hi Charlie,

Apologies for the delayed response.

If you take a look at your email, I’ve forwarded you a receipt of your download that will allow you to download the video again - Please do not use the Gumroad app and follow the below instructions for Android devices:

  1. Once you’ve purchased and entered in your email for the receipt, you will see an option to “Watch” or “Download”, select Download.
  2. Now an “Open in App” message will appear on the bottom, please ignore this. At the top, you should see the file name and on the right, there should be an arrow pointing down. Select the arrow to open the drop-down message (Screenshot attached).
  3. Select the “Download” option and this will download the video file to your device.

Please let me know if you are still having trouble downloading your video and I am more than happy to refund you.

Kind regards,

Clare Nicholls-D’Souza
Technical/Customer Support

Hello. For some reason my practice was interrupted twice today as my video stopped and I was redirected to a sign in page inviting me to subscribe. In the several years I’ve been a subscriber this has never happened before. Not sure why. The video practice was accessed only after checking the subscribers only box.

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Hello @dcuipylo.

Hmmm… that’s really odd. We’ve never had that issue come up. I’ll pass that on to our tech team. In the meantime, if you can send a screenshot of what you see, that would be helpful.

Take care,


@dcuipylo Yes, that is a strange one. It would probably be easier to help you out if you send us a note into our customer support team. You can reach them at support@doyogawithme.zendesk.com. If you let them know what device and browser you are using they will help you out.

OK, sure thing. If it happens again, I’ll try to do a screen grab and send it on. I did a long practice today with no issues. could have also just been a blip in my own ISP…thanks for following up with me. Hope you are well.




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Hi David.

I just sent an email to Sean - If this happens again, I’ll try to grab a screenshot and send it as he suggested. Thanks for checking up on me. Love the site and the practices! Especially now, with stay at home orders keeping us all bonkers.

Be well. Namaste,

-donna (@dcuipylo)

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Great, that’s the right thing to do. Thanks!