Links in programs and challenges on ipad

Hi DYWM Community! I love, love, love, this site and recommend it to anyone I meet who practices yoga. I especially like how the programs and challenges help me incorporate yoga into my routine in a way that helps me keep practicing daily. I am frustrated that the new site does not contain links within the schedule that I can access on my iPad to jump straight to the class. I enrolled for the first time ever for inbox delivery thinking I would receive an email link to go straight to the class for the day, but was disappointed that it just brings me to the challenge homepage. I dislike having to search for each particular class by name and instructor to do the challenge. Is it me, or an unintended design feature? Please help, if you can. Thanks!

Hey there Tiggerstwitch, I too am doing the challenge via iPad. I have found the easiest way for me to navigate to the classes is to do a class, leave that tab open, and then the next day, I go back to that page, scroll down to Track Your Progress (down on the right side of the screen), click on the little arrow by whatever week we are in, and then click on the next class there. Hope that helps!

Thank you Charring, your advice is exactly what I needed! Namaste

The way the new challenge page was designed was to actually keep you on track and have the next class ready. I am sorry this is not working on the ipad I am sure it is something we are working on!