DYWM Business Model

Hi David,

I’m in the beginning stages of creating my own online community focused on dream interpretations and sound healing. I am inspired by the DYWM business model, and I also want to make my business accessible and affordable to help people of any socioeconomic status.

Can you speak on the advantages and disadvantages of this structure? Do you consider DYWM to be a private business, non-profit, etc.? Do you have any tips for someone in the initial stages?

Thank you!

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Wow, this is a big question that is not simple to answer. However, what I can tell you is that this approach is often used online. The free content allows you to build traffic, which you can then monetize. Of course, it means that you are not making any money during that period.

DYWM is a social purpose business, which means that we value people and the planet as much as profit. My tip would be to find ways to test whether your offering is what people want through surveys or monitoring usage.

I hope that helps!

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