Sangha Session 12: "If you are not a subscriber, what would make you become one?"

This is our eleventh Sangha Session, which are community dialogues about interesting, yoga-related topics. They take place every second week. This week, our Sangha question is:

“If you are not a subscriber, what would make you become one?”

We have a lot of free content, and we continue to create free content, so many folks in our community have enough choice already. If that is you:

  1. What kind of class, program, challenge, meditation or community event would make you want to subscribe?

  2. What is preventing you from subscribing now? Money? Don’t use it enough? You’re already paying for a membership at a local studio? You want MORE?

Give us the deets! :slight_smile: (that’s ‘details’ in cool speak)



I started using DYWM because it was FREE. I can’t afford to pay a monthly membership. I’ll continue to do the free videos, but as there are fewer of them all the time, I’ve moved on to other free yoga sites on youtube.


I’m not sure if there are less free videos or they are harder to find.

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At first I wasn’t using the website a lot. Now I do yoga more often and mostly by DYWM but I am unemployed. I think you’re doing an amazing job, it is great to be able to do yoga at home with such great teachers. I want to support DYWM when I start to work again, so that you can create more free stuff and reach more people like me.


Hi David,
I shall start with saying thank you for DYWM. I am grateful to have such excellent yoga classes to do at the convenience of home. I have recommended this site to many. I used to be a member (when it was 5$/month). I still used mostly the free stuff, but I liked the chance to do a special class now and then. I also like supporting the website. Unfortunately, my credit card expired, and I didn’t realize this cancelled my membership. This was just before the price went up to 10$. After that, I didn’t join again, partly just bummed that I lost my previous rate, and partly because there is still so much excellent free materials. I am a busy mom of 3- and don’t do as much yoga as I would like, but always happy when I do make it to DYWM. I am still debating about when/how/why I would join again.
Thank you,


I perhaps shouldn’t reply to this post, because we became a subscribers this year, and I think you wish to hear from non-subscribers. I just want to share why we subscribed, after about a year of viewing the free videos (albeit sporadically). Some reasons come to mind as to why we subscribed.

  1. We saw an appeal for donations on your web site. That appeal suggested to us that your team may have struggles on your end that could be helped with donations.

  2. We appreciate the selection, a wonderful collection that serves a good range of styles and levels. Several videos are in tune with our own level, and we appreciate access to them (including the “Free” ones).

  3. We enjoy the attention to aesthetics and beauty in the videos, whether outdoors or indoors.

Because we found ourselves using the DYWM site more frequently, a subscription is a way of expressing gratitude for what your team offers.

I think we are getting generous value for the subscription rate, and hope that more people will be able to support what your team does.

We also think that the DYWM group is very kind to offer such a wonderful collection of free classes to people with limited means, to help bring beauty and health to people who are not able to pay for yoga classes, which ease stress and foster good sleep.


Thank you everyone for the great feedback. I really appreciate it.

I don’t have a credit card, but I would have signed up already if I did…so an option to pay via PayPal would do it for me.

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all the new rachel scott added value classes did it for me. wish there was an auto renewal credit card option. thanks for always being so accessible!

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Hi David,

First off, I love the site… you and the team have created something amazing! I try to practice daily, and have previously donated and also purchased a couple of the videos to download.

I was about to sign up for a subscription, but was a little turned off when I noticed that you were charging in USD rather than CAD. Perhaps if I better understood your rationale for that, it would be easier for me to sign up.


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Thank you! I really appreciate that.

Yes, the fact that we accept USD was something we discussed at great length before going ahead with it. The reason comes down to the fact that the USD is much more recognizable internationally than the CAD and we have a large international audience.

I hope that makes sense.

Take care,


I have used the free content for several years, especially the sleepy-time meditations. I recommend your site all the time to others for many of the reasons others have cited (the locations, the instructors, the range of classes, limited ads)

I finally subscribed this month (although found having to pay in USD a bit odd, but got over it quickly, lol!) because I wanted to do programs rather than scrolling through to find a class each time I was in the yoga mood.

Thanks for asking!

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I am a past subscriber and I tend to unsubscribe and resubscribe depending on how consistent I am with my usage. Something I would love is for various instructors to have challenges like Fiji’s 14 day challenge where all the classes are taught by the same instructor (especially Crista Shillington). Honestly additional challenges in general would make me subscribe, maybe even peak pose ones. My favorite challenged are Fiji’s 14 day and the firefly peak pose challenge.

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Thanks for the feedback! You’re in luck - Crista is filming a 14-Day Challenge right now, to be launched in October or November. We will also be launching a series of 7-Day Challenges with mixed instructors and Tracey is looking to put one together as well.

@virginia.rego1 Thank you for the feedback and for spreading the word! :slight_smile:

For me more guidance on what classes to do and when. I see the challenges but I didn’t always like the practice of the day. It would be nice to have an alternative maybe two classes to choose from per day. I really like Rachel Scott, Fiji, and Melissa. I am beginner or advanced beginner. I would like to see more beginner vinyasa as well. I want to do yoga daily but don’t think I need to do vinyasa everyday. I want to work different muscles instead of the same ones daily. I want to find a way to do only yoga daily because of my physical injuries I am unable to do other forms of exercise and more importantly I really enjoy yoga! Also I prefer strictly exercise Based practices and I gravitate toward those classes. I avoid the mediation type classes, chakra stuff and anything with a Buddha in the background. Call me old fashioned but I am strictly about the physical and mental benefits but am a Christian that does not want to dabble in the meditation and spiritual side of yoga. I my really helps me because of my physical challenges like I have frozen shoulder with nerve impingement with upper bicep tendonitis and yoga is the only exercise I can tolerate. I would subscribe if I could find the right modifications or more specific classes to address my needs (like I can’t lift my arm above my shoulder). I am on the fence about subscribing but there are some classes I want to try that I can’t and I am very curious.


I did not subscribe for the first month or so of doing the free classes, but the annual price is so affordable compared to why I would pay to go to a yoga studio and take classes! I decided to sign up about 3 months ago. It is worth every penny because I much prefer to do yoga in the comfort of my own home.