Thanks for subscription help!

A DYWM subscription is my annual Christmas gift to myself. During the 2019 holidays, the credit card I use for DYWM was compromised and had to be cancelled. This happened shortly before my annual renewal was to be charged to the card. I quickly changed to a different card, but because the renewal was a foreign transaction, it was initially denied, but later went through twice. Thank you so much to the DYWM staff, especially Sean, who quickly straightened it out with a prompt refund. It was great to deal with an organization that responded so quickly. I use DYWM every day and truly appreciate all the work that goes into creating and maintaining such a useful Yoga/Pilates resource.


I agree, great service and a good feeling of being connected.

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@mb8649 No problem at all. It was my pleasure to help. Iā€™m glad it all worked out. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support. We appreciate it :slight_smile: