Fiji's Chakra Flow Series: Work through series vs. working w/ 1 Chakra level

I am working with Fiji’s 7-day Chakra Healing Series right now. My question is if there is a chakra where the body has been bound up for a very long time or holds psychological trauma, is it better to work through the series and repeat OR stay in with a particular chakra session and repeat it until the bound up ligaments/energy are liberated?

Also, could the liberated energy move and overwhelm another chakra? If so, what are some good ‘next steps’?

These are great questions, it is an important thing to remember that the chakras are part of an interconnected system that works as a whole. Each chakra has individal characteristics and is connected to specific organs, glands, and body parts. Each chakra is an intersection of energy movement, and those intersections can become congested which would impact the flow of energy. If one particular chakra is excessive or deficient in the flow of energy it can impact every chakra that follows. That being said I would do the whole series, working on the whole system and allowing energy to be freed up over time.