Fire log pose: should I keep trying?

Hi all! I consider myself flexible enough and I manage to do lots of poses involving flexibility, but there is one still out of my reach: fire log pose.

I simply cannot stack my shins parallel to the floor, the shin above sits at a 45° angle and that’s it. I read that this may be due to the physical conformation of hip sockets, so my question is: should I keep trying?

Or perhaps it’s better for me to settle for the simplified pose, keeping the lower leg straight and the top leg bent at the knee on top of it? Not just because it is more comfortable, but also because the “real” fire log pose could harm my hip sockets?

Thank you in advance for your help and for everything you do!

I have trouble with fire log pose (Agnistambhasana) myself, but in my case I believe its self-inflicted. As I started running and cycling more, and unfortunately stretching and taking time for yoga less, I developed incredibly tight outer hips, so much so that now I have trouble getting my knee down simply sitting with my leg crossed. I have been using figure 4 pose instead, lying on my back.

A physical therapist should be able to help you evaluate your range of mobility and rule out any physical limitation. Otherwise like all asanas, they take time to get there, but should never be forced.

Dear edaksi

A pose in yoga is beneficial in numerous ways. I have a similar situation to yours with regards to the Fire Log pose, and I keep going. It is common to hear teachers say that it is not in being able to accomplish any pose, but in what you learn on the way to the pose is what is important.
I take it one step further in my practice. I believe that “accomplishing” or “doing” a pose is almost irrelevant. Of course getting to it gives us a sense of achievement. We are raised to worship accomplishments.
Attempting and maybe (or not) progressing is beneficial in itself. The discipline in pursuing something without seeing immediate benefits, the so many ways a pose can stretch/strengthen/massage internal organs that as students we are unaware of… We think of the Fire Log pose as stretching the hip joints, however any joint or muscle does not work by itself, and we are also working the rest of the body in this and any other pose.
Therefore, unless for some reason I am in pain, I will continue to practice this pose with the top knee almost kissing my nose :smiley:
Thank you

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I dread this pose but agree with rillipal that this pose should still be (safely) pursued. For me, I don’t believe I can hurt myself. I make adjustments so that I am not as screamingly uncomfortable as I would be if somehow one could force my body into it. I shine at many asanas. This one humbles me which is why I don’t skip it. Chair pose is another asana that I do but wonder why it has to “challenge” me. These poses are the misperceived obstacles in my path. They’re not obstacles. They’re the path. Namaste

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Thank you all for your opinions and suggestions, you gave me three different and precious points of view!
I will keep trying!
Namaste :slight_smile:

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