Happy Dead Baby Bug Plow Pose - Wall Variation

I think I may have invented a wall yoga pose. Some people might be able to do this without the wall support.

Having seen people put their balls of their feet on the floor in plow, I wondered why not try it against the wall? So I have been doing that from time to time now.

If I lie on my back, reach up and get my fists against the wall, I’m at the right distance. So tonight I tried a wide-legged plow, feet against the wall, which I know is also a practice.

The part I found strange was I could rotate my hands so that I could grab my big toes with my first two fingers from the inside (opposite the usual way, with the hands facing each other back to back). Speaking as an inflexible person here, I think it gave me an idea of what people get out of Happy Baby Pose and some of the plow variations.

From experience, let me say, if anyone tries this, fold up a blanket for under your shoulders as you would for shoulderstand.

What do you think of wide-legged, inside-big-toe-holding, plow pose?

A photo would be very helpful! Thanks.

I wondered if a photo would be needed :laughing:

I did a google image search for someone holding their feet in a plow type of pose: see what this man is doing in the partner pose..

But just picture him doing that without the partner and his feet wider than his shoulders, much wider if he likes, and that’s what I am getting at.

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