Plow Pose - can't get my butt up

Hey! I’ve been practicing yoga at home every day for about a year, and before that I did studio classes. Here’s my issue: I absolutely cannot do Plow Pose, even though I can do other more challenging poses. I think the issue is that I just cannot get my butt up from my pelvis/hips!
I’ve tried Satyia’s class on Snail pose, but when it came time for it, I still wasn’t able to bring more than my legs up. Is this an issue of core/lower back strength? Should I be pulling more from my legs? Is there a “trick” that I’m missing out?

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Hello there.

Thanks for sharing. It’s actually quite difficult for many people to move into plough pose. It requires significant core and arm strength, as well as flexibility in the spine.

The key is to push your arms into the floor and use your abdominal muscles to simultaneously lift your legs toward your head. For many, this is simply too hard and instead they do happy baby pose, which is what you could do since the stretch is similar.

I hope that helps!


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