Have personal ratings disappeared?

The look of the website has changed over the past week (feels a little bubbly) and with it my personal ratings for classes have disappeared. I have not rated all classes I have taken or bookmarked, but ones I have were a reminder to myself that I really enjoyed a particular class and should take it again so I found it useful. But now the only ratings I see is based on all feedback. Am I missing my rating? Has it moved and I’m just not seeing it? If they have been removed is it possible to get them back? Come to think of it, I’'m not sure how I would rate something at this point.

I’m on a windows 10 system using Firefox 62.0.2

Thank you!

Hi there.

I like your description - bubbly! We are attempting to simplify things, since there is so much information to display. I hope it helps you navigate more easily.

The rating stars are still there. You can see it in this image, just below ‘Beginner’ and to the left of the Bookmark icon.

And just to make sure we are on the same page, the bookmark allows you to save that class in your profile. The rating doesn’t save anything, but provides an updated rating for others to see.



Thanks for the reply. I wasn’t very clear in my original post. What’s missing is not the overall rating stars provided by all, but a second set of empty stars that allowed an individual to set their own rating, which never went away. So on my end I saw two sets of stars - every bodies rating, and my own (filled in or not). It was just a useful reminder for me for the classes I really loved, whether I bookmarked them or not. No worries. Since I do bookmark classes, I will use the Notes to remind myself of what I really liked about the class. Thank you!

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Ok! I understand now.

My pleasure.