Adjusting feedback on classes

Hi, I wonder if there is a way to change the review/feedback on classes to make it a bit more useful…
We are all used to seeing feedback on various sites, it can be a bit of a blunt instrument but reviews give an indication of quality and usefulness.
On this site though, every single class is a 5 star… I completely understand why that is, we are doing yoga, last thing we want is toxic and negative posts. I myself if I don’t find a class useful I just close it and don’t do it again, rather than giving it a negative feedback, but is this the right thing to do ?
I think it would be useful, when searching for a new class, to get a more rounded view of what to expect: maybe instead of the 5 star system we can have something less confrontational that encourages people to give their personal view even if not positive ?

Yeah, that’s an interesting take on feedback. I feel like your message embodies why it’s so difficult to come up with an accurate feedback system. I agree with you that the star system is not ideal, but we are constrained by what our website has available, and I believe the only method is the star system, or ones that are no better.

It seems that the best feedback is the list of community comments under each video. People are quite honest when sharing - both the good stuff and the areas of improvement.

What do you think?

The new site also allows you to create collections of classes that you do find resonate with you, and allow you to make personal comments on those classes to remind yourself what you like about the class. It is important to remember that a class that is perfectly suited for you may not be at all interesting to someone else and vice versa. This is why we try to offer such a variety of classes, teachers, levels, and styles. One class in no better than the other, it just depends on the students prefrence that day.

Popularity ratings may be valuable for YouTube videos, but I agree they’re not especially helpful for choosing yoga lessons. The comments do help, but reading them requires a time investment. In your next upgrade, perhaps you could consider a more nuanced rating system on multiple non-judgmental scales. Examples that come to mind are:

Tempo: Relaxing to invigorating
Strength: Suitable for weak to strong yogis
Flexibility: Mild to extreme range of motion
Balance: None to extremely challenging
Spirituality: None to intense
Instructor: Quiet to chatty

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These are grat suggestions, thank you for your input