Hips too loose for comfort

I’ve been doing yoga for about 15 years. I’m 64 now, and am struggling with very sore hips. I can do the cobblers pose and the butterfly with no effort at all because my hips bend outward too easily. I don’t know the proper term for that condition, or I’d use it. It hurts to do the reclined cobbler’s pose because my hips go too far apart.
My question is: which yoga poses or series or classes will help me keep my hips aligned, strong, and relatively pain-free?


Have you tried pilates? Pilates will help you establish balanced strength around the pelvis, which I think would help you a lot. We have a lot of classes on our site. You can find them if you go to the Yoga Classes page and choose Pilates under Style.

Thanks! I’ll try Pilates for a while.

Change is good,


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