Snapping hip/yoga butt/hyper-flexibility help



I’ve been practicing on the site for 5/6 years on and off… Am currently at an intermediate level but I having some trouble with one of my hips. It first started clunking/snapping where it joins at the groin/butt. I realised that my hip was probably a bit too externally rotated, and have managed to stabilise it so that it doesn’t snap/clunk so much but now a pain has moved into my sit bone. I had this same sit bone pain problem last year, read a bit about it and stopped doing yoga out of fear of further injury. I don’t want to give up my practice this time but I know it needs some changes. I am very flexible from my practice, especially in forward folds, and I had strength to balance it but now I’ve been forced into a more sedentary lifestyle with study and a winter depression coming on. I think from lying and sitting down too much my strength is fading a bit while by flexibility seems to remain and this is leading to injury.

After taking a few days rest (unfortunately with a lot of sitting) the pain seems to be worsening (admittedly it is not at all severe at this stage, but I listen to my body when it speaks)

How should I adjust my practice so I can keep doing yoga without fear? I know I need to adjust forward folding but I’m not sure in what way… some sources say to bend knees (which seems to hurt more), some say straighten legs. Is there a way to skip forward folds in asanas? Is there a class that maximises leg/butt/core strength I need to balance my flexibility?

I have paused my practice at day 8 of the empower yourself 30 day intermediate challenge (I did Rachel’s core strength for bow pose a few days ago). I’ll take it up again when I know I won’t hurt myself any further.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated… mainly just the adjusting forward folds bit…

Thank you for all you do.



Hello, Hannah.

Thanks for reaching out. It’s difficult to diagnose at a distance, since issues like this involve so many moving parts, but I would recommend that you begin with a more gentle hatha yoga class that has a thorough routine of strengthening, stretch and relaxation for the area around the pelvis. A great class would be Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back I.

That class is part of a 2-part series, with a second class that is a little more challenging. You could do the first class daily or every second day for a week or so, then move onto Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Strengthen, Stretch and Relax Your Back II.

Let me know how it goes.