For the seriously inflexible


I’ve been trying to do yoga on-off for many years now but I keep getting deterred because of how inflexible I am. My hips and hamstrings are too inflexible for even the beginner classes, and while I’d love to do them anyway to become more flexible, doing them tends to create issues in my upper back and neck due to the rounding of my back whilst in the postures…

I’ve scoured this site, YouTube and many others and can’t seem to find any that are absolute-beginner-friendly, they all seem to strain other areas of my body. I thought it might make a good video or series, given that I can’t be the only one with this problem.



I too have flexibility issues. For instance; my forward fold looks more like a half lift unless I bend my knees or widen my stance. I have been practicing yoga from DYWM almost every day for a couple of years now and although I have become stronger, I’m still very inflexible and have to modify often. I practice all the various styles including vinyasa but find that yin and pilates are the best for very stiff days. So yes, you definitely are not the only one here struggling with flexibility.


Hello @andrea.adil and @dmco6863.

So many can relate to feeling inflexible, including me. Mine is mainly in my hip flexors… they feel like rods of steel some days!

Have you tried my series on maintaining alignment, for example Maintain Alignment in Seated Poses? These are great classes for improving flexibility in a way that is safe and doesn’t strain your back or neck.

And yes, @dmco6863, yin and pilates are great options, particularly if you’re looking for alignment and flexibility.