How can you (or do you) use your yoga practice to support your life off that mat?

We often start a yoga practice because getting on the mat feels good! But we stay with the practice because we start to notice a ripple effect in our lives. How have you noticed your yoga practice supporting your life off that mat? Are there practices that you bring into daily life?

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For me I notice the breath. During anxious moments, stressful moments, or even the quiet moments I find a peace in the inhale and exhale. The calm let’s me tap into what I’m feeling or how I’m holding myself.

The other thing I’ve noticed is my awareness of posture. It isn’t unusual for me to practice mountain pose while standing in line, or do mini yoga sessions for the shoulders, back, and hips during breaks from the computer.

Yesterday, I hiked to a waterfall and found it easy to almost silence my chatter brain to enjoy where I was just by doing the easy sitting pose and breathing deeply. :slight_smile:


Hi Rachel. My yoga practice reminds me that it is possible to reside in this moment and to feel released from the past and the future. I think about the fact that if I can do this on my mat, what are the moments in my day that I can also be released into this moment. It is such a good reminder. Heading there in very small steps, but I know I am moving. I can feel it. And I like how it feels.

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I notice I watch mu posture much more than before I started yoga. I am also more conscious of my breathing :slight_smile: Last but not least I am way more aware of where something (could also be one of the teachers here) gets in my irritation zone :wink: And I work with that now
Thank you for al the great lessons Rachel


I agree with the others that my yoga practice has helped so much with my posture. I am much more conscious of it now. Also, I am much more aware of my breathing. I now find myself more aware of taking deep breaths and taking a minute or two of deep breathing to alleviate a chaotic moment or stressful moment. Yoga has also taught me to slow down in life. I’ve learned to say “no” more and to take more time out for myself.


I love how you’re bringing your practice into your life in small, bite sized moments! :sunflower:

Yes! I feel the nudge for deeper calmer breathing dropping in way more frequently, thanks to yoga. And it’s fun to bring yoga into other off-mat moments like when standing in line at the grocery store (or anywhere) or while sitting in a car at the stoplight. I have been going through some of the basics classes and today caught myself practicing some of the stabilizing bandhas at the grocery store. :slight_smile:

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“Core strength at the corner store” :smiley:

I’m still a beginner, and for the last few years have been dipping in and out of your classes. Today is Day 70 of a consecutive practice. Mentally, I’ve learned that I’m capable of self discipline and I feel generally more calm off the mat. When walking my dog my feet feel more connected to the earth and yet my step feels lighter; I feel I’m standing more upright when I walk.