Sangha Session 15: "What do you feel are the benefits of practicing yoga daily?"


In honor of our annual New Year’s 30-Day Challenge, we ask you how a daily practice affects your life. Do you feel more energy, are you happier, do you perform better at work or as an athlete, are you more present with your kids, do you eat better…?

Let us know what a daily yoga practice does for you!


I feel more myself, more in my body, more in tune with what I need emotionally and physically! I also feel so at peace with my life and the changes that come with it. I’m pregnant with my first child at the moment and maintaining a daily practice has been paramount to embracing all the nuanced experiences of carrying a baby! :smile:


It calms my mind and awakens my body. I am definitely in a better mood on the days I do yoga first and on the rare day I skip it, I miss it. I don’t feel as good on those days which it what keeps me more likely to do it daily. I just feel happier and more grounded.


I am on day 35 of a 40 day Sadhana. I find that I am being more intuitive in my asana practice. Some days are my own, other days I use DYWM happily. I’ve done flow, yin, restorative as I follow what I need at the moment. I look forward to the meditation as well, using HeartMath. Subtle changes are taking place, slowly. More thoughtful in my actions and words, catching myself when I speak other than my truth. Some days are easier, some not. I’ve been practicing through travel, through teaching a seminar, through having house guests and now through having a bad cold. Various levels of time, energy and desire. But they are working together synergistically in my life.


This is the first time I’ve done yoga and therefore the first (beginners) challenge I’ve attempted. The benefit for me has been twofold: (1) I’m amazed at how 14 days of yoga has improved my ability to extend my thoracic spine when sitting and walking; (2) Emotionally, it seems to be helping me to stay connected to who I truely am, and to remember what’s important to me – stillness, compassion, connecting. Thank you.


This is my first time fully attempting a yoga challenge, other challenges I have quite for some reason or another. But I am loving this challenge. I have been noticing that I’m sitting or standing taller and my breathing is improving each day. This is a great thing for me because I’m asthmatic and some challenge can be very taxing on my body but not this New Year 30 day challenge. Another improvement is my mood, I’m smiling and enjoying every day. So far I’m very happy and grateful for this program and the doyogawithme site.


With the New Year’s challenge, I am trying to establish the habit of practicing every day. For much of my life I have exercised outside all year round but as I get older and have changes in body composition and some pains in my knees I find that more difficult. I also live in a place where winter weather can be difficult or dangerous. I started the challenge in part so that I would at least do something for my fitness every day, even if I couldn’t get to the gym. I am trying to approach practice with gratitude for where I am (I do not always succeed but I work on it). I find that practicing yoga this month has helped me feel more at ease in my body and more appreciative of the things I can do. It helps to stop the continual tape in my head that I am not thin enough, not strong enough, not young enough. My hope for this year is to feel comfortable in my body again, even though it is not the same body as it was 20 years ago. I believe that daily practice can help me do that.


Doing yoga and/or pilates (thanks to DYWM) every day over the last 18 months has helped me in so many ways.
I’m not sporty and very self conscious so being able to work out at my own pace from the comfort of my own home has been a huge plus. I also appreciate the different styles on offer, vinyasa for energetic days, yin or hatha for my slower days.
As much as possible I try to do a class first thing in the morning as it wakes me up, energizes me and irons out the creaks and pains.
I don’t think I’d be the healthy 50 year old that I am without all your wonderful, inspiring teachers and their classes. Many thanks to you all.


To be honest, I missed two days of the 30-day challenge. What the (almost) daily practice brought into my life is an acceptance of what is here and now, on the mat. The realisation that things will never be perfect and that’s OK too. I have found peace and acceptance of myself and my flaws that I’ve never experienced before. I am stronger and more flexible now and every little bit that you do makes a difference. I’ve finally realised that doing something “imperfectly” is still better than not doing it at all. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself space and time to grow and become better. Maybe I’ll get that perfect 30 in the next challenge :wink: