How do the yoga teachers practice?

I am curious as to how the yoga teachers practice. For example, I don’t think I would do a practice by msyelf i.e. without a video. But I’ve only bee doing yoga regularly for 1.5 years now. Do the yoga teachers make up their own practice as they go? Do they use videos? Do you alternate between challenging and less-challenging practices? Do you have practices where you solely practice skills rather than flow?




Hello Antigone.

Teachers are no different than students, in that each has their own way of keeping up their practice. Some prefer only going to other instructors classes, some prefer only doing their own practice with no guidance, following their bodies’ needs. The same applies for how challenging the class is. There is no common practice style amongst teachers.

It’s important to note that yoga is meant to be your own, and you can start to feel that when you really get into your inner experience while doing yoga. As you do this, your body may crave a practice where you follow what it’s telling you - where it needs release and where it needs strength - and you can intuitively follow with poses that satisfy that need.

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I have several asanas which are my “go to” when I am not taking a class. I sometimes watch a video and I often attend yoga events if I like the teacher(s). I do asanas for at least and hour a day (often much more than an hour) and I meditate for about 40 minutes at a time twice a day.


It’s a constant balancing act that teaches you about having healthy boundaries. It also teaches you that sometimes you have to do less to get more. I enjoy whatever style or pace my body tell me it needs for that day. Sometimes I push, sometimes I don’t. Mostly, I just do it because the product of my doing yoga is that it balances my tri-dosha. :grinning:


Do you find it difficult to always fit your practice in? How do you make sure you practice like this?


Sorry I have only just seen this because I have not been on here recently.

My practice is my priority! It is more important to me than say eating or drinking.
In just the same way that if you have a child to care for you HAVE to do things at a given time and have some order and routine.

If I did ever have less time - say I have a plane to catch. Then I would limit my asanas to a forward bend, a back bend and a twist and only a few minutes of meditation, obviously it would not be deep. However at the first opportunity I would be right back to devoting time and attention to the practice.