Which challenge is better for a progressing beginner?

Hi, I’m looking to do one of the beginner challenges but I can’t decide which one would be better for my growth - Transform Your Life or Empower Yourself
I’ve been doing yoga for a few years and I haven’t progressed much, i’ve become more flexible but my strength is still pretty low…
Also another problem I encounter with the challenges, and which is why I haven’t started one, is I can be picky about the class I want to do. What if I dont like that particular class? What if its too challenging? What if I don’t like that teacher? I know I shouldn’t be picky and discapline is important but sometimes if can completly throw me off and ruin my entire practice.
Like, there are some classes that will make my legs shake so bad because they are weak and I have to stop the practice completely :frowning:
Would it be okay to chose a different class that day? I just find myself doing the same classes often…
Any insight will help, Thank you

Yoga is about finding peace within yourself and becoming aware of thoughts and your reactive patterns so that you can be at ease in your life. Let your practice be integrative and intuitive. By that I mean align your body/mind/spirit and don’t fight what is showing up. If you need a gentle practice do that. If your mind is somewhere else and it’s pulling you out of a meditative state during your sadhana then you will not be at peace, you will be practicing ego yoga. What’s happening for you when you don’t like a teacher? Can you be at peace with the teacher that ‘irritates’ you and be open to simply receive? Legs shaking is OK but avoid pain. You must make the class YOUR practice. Stop when you need, modify when you need and find peace in the breath and the experience of each moment. You will come to love yoga and yourself more fully.


Thank you for youre tips. It is helpfull