How to modify poses (downward dog) for heart disease

I recently had a heart attack and have a stent in one artery. I have been advised not to hold downward dog or any pose where my heart is lower than the rest of my body (ie. shoulder stand). So many of your classes hold downward dog (especially raising one leg) I am wondering if you can do a video with alternate poses for people with heart issues? That way I can continue to do my favorite classes and modify them to suit me. It is acceptable to do a downward dog as part of a fluid motion just not holding it as a pose. I love DYWM - you have helped me through many difficult times strengthening me physically and mentally. I just need to modify my practice for my current health status.


Yes! There is an easy modification, just do table top pose or even plank every time downward dog is called for in a class! Happy yoga will be part of your recovery!