Yoga after hip replacement surgery

Can I ever return to yoga after hip replacement surgery? I had posterior hip replacement on August 1 and am recovering well, now walking up to 2 miles each day, with a cane. I long to return to yoga, but so many poses seem to be off limits due to the “hip precautions” I’ve been given – anything that involves bending more than 90 degrees at the waist…i.e. downward dog, forward fold, child’s pose, pigeon, etc. Any advice? Are there any DYWM classes I can take?

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Hi Kitty,

Yes definitely, it is about learning modifications to common poses that work for you in your range of motion and listening to sensations.

For example some people do table top pose instead of downward dog, and chair pose instead of forward fold. Find postures you can do that are similar to the ones being suggested by the teacher and of course be creative!

I would start with a slow paced class so you can get used to incorporating your modifications in.

Fiji – Thank you! This is very helpful.

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