How to work around problematic feet

Hello. This site is such a wonderful resource. Thank you to everyone who puts so much time, energy, and care into it.

I have a question - I love yoga but have been forced into a more and more limited practice over the past few years because I cannot bend my big toes. I have hallux rigidus, and the big toe joints are fused straight. That means no moving into downward dog by tucking toes under; no plank; no warrior poses that involve bending the toes; etc. etc. Nearly every class I take either in person or online has so many things I cannot do. It is so frustrating. I have to explain every time to a new teacher why I am sitting so many things out.

Hallux ridgidus is a pretty common problem, so I wondered if anyone has advice or recommendations for workarounds, particular classes, etc.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi there.

I haven’t come across that issue yet, so I’m not familiar with it on a first hand basis. Are you able to curl them onto the toe knuckles when you are in plank and stay up on the toes when it downward dog?

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