Practice with minimal foot pressure

Can anyone point me to a gentle practice with minimal foot pressure? I’m going to be traveling with my sister who has some serious foot issues - a pin in her toes. I’d like to invite her to join me a time or two in my daily yoga. Does anyone know of a gentle practice that doesn’t put a lot of pressure on toes? I’m sure she can’t do plank or downward dog. She could briefly do warrior 2 or standing transition, but not a lot of time on her feet or anything that flexes the toes.

If you go to the dywm site and click the little search icon in the top right, you can search on “seated” and you will get a variety of seated-only practices…like this one with Guy - Slow Flow: Seated Practice | DoYogaWithMe
Happy travels!


We are also currently working on more classes that are off the feet for those recovering from injuries!

That sounds great. A variety of intensity, lengths and styles would be amazing.