January 2022 Sangha Session - Intention

Happy New Year Everyone!

We hope you had some time off to spend with family and reflect on the past year. 2021 was an interesting one, to say the least!

We have been busy working on ways to help you feel better, every day. We will be featuring lots of new content and opportunities to engage with our community. One of them is our new monthly themes. The first one is this month, January, and comes with a question that we would like you to think about and answer below. To help you, I’ve written a blog article about Intention, along with some content for you to check out:

January 2022 Theme: Intention

Here is the question: “What does Intention mean to you and what role has it played in your life?”

Please answer below!

For me “Intention” means (if I just go off the top of my head), “get it done”. That being said this is the very first time I’ve really considered setting an Intention for over a period of time. I’ve made lots of resolutions, but nothing like David’s introduction to setting any Intention. His explaination drew me in “this to will Pass” and the analogy of being in the River. To me The River has meant a lot these past 2 years as I learned about being like a small stick in a bubbling stream that is carried along in our higher power’s love.

But now “setting an intention” is going to mean something different : For now it is: Just to “Take a new step” -(that’s for January). Somehow (and I don’t want to dwell on the how), my stick got hung up in an eddy in a pile of other sticks and I stopped “floating along”, but the water has risen and I’m back in the stream, trusting as I’m carried along. I will also keep in my mind, the idea that I just read about on this site, that I will “let the feelings flow through me” as I move along through life.
So many thanks to all of you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks so much for this invitation to think about intention. We are often invited to “set an intention” and that used to be difficult for me to come up with “on the spot.” But for me, my biggest overall intention is to Be Here, and I can always fall back on that one if nothing else suggests itself. That can sometimes feel overwhelming, and as I reflected on intentions, it dropped in that setting the intention is just the beginning (an important beginning!). Then I can play with what commitments I want to put in place to provide some structure (plans, kind schedules, activities) to support the intention.
And then, it dropped in that intentions are not goals! (Wow). There is no reaching a finish line or checking a box (“ Whew! Got that done!”). That definitely takes any pressure off and makes the difference between resolutions and intentions clear for me.
Looking forward to seeing what we’re invited to look at the rest of the year (and many thanks for all the support).

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