L-sit help ------

I have been practicing the L-sit for a while now but couldn’t get my feet off the ground. I assumed I just didn’t have the core strength yet. If I’m not mistaken, Fiji is the only one who currently teaches this pose in some of her classes. And while her instructions are perfect, I just didn’t understand the pose until I read something recently:

“If you’re just starting L-sits, don’t worry about trying to get your feet off the floor, focus on pulling your HIPS BACK as far as possible and holding that position.
L-sit isn’t a “lift up” as much as it is a counter balance.
Ultimately, the goal is to create to an equal amount of weight behind and in front of the wrists - this is what makes the balance effortless.
You can master this counter balance AND build strength all while practicing the “pull back” with your feet on the ground.”

I tried it again today after reading this, and low and behold I did it. Just thought I’d share it for anyone else who is having trouble with this pose.



Yes yes yes! That’s exactly it and so well-explained.

So much of what it takes to accomplish challenging poses has to do with subtleties within the poses. A little shift in one direction can suddenly make a pose achievable.

Thanks for that, Antigone.