Titivasana question

Fiji’s latest tutorial class on this is fantastic. But one thing I’ve always been wondering is if the hand placement depends on limb length. When I do the pose exactly as Fiji instructs, I can’t lift up my heals unless I scoot them forward a bit first, yet when she does it, she has enough room with her hands agains the heels to just lift them up. I tried today to place my hands back as far as I could behind my heels, and noticed that I hardly had to scoot the heels forward before lifting up. So I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong, or doing something right by adjusting my hand placement to compensate for a different limb length than Fiji’s.


Hi Antigone.

Great question!

We just created a thread to discuss this class series, so do you mind re-posting this there? Here’s the link:

We’re beginning our first, group, Peak Pose Challenge on Sunday, Sept. 10th, and that forum thread will be where people can go to ask questions and comment on their experience. So your post will be a good start.