Poses where top of pelvis needs to be level

Are there poses where it is okay for the top of the pelvis / crest of the hip bone to lift higher on one side or the other?

I’ve noticed my body is really good at lifting one side of the pelvis higher than the other. When an instructor advises ‘keep the top of the pelvis level’ or similar guidance, I really need to concentrate - it would be sooo easy to just lift a hip!

So for almost all poses, even if the instructor doesn’t specify, I try to keep both top sides of the pelvis level. Though I wonder if there are some poses where the body needs to lift a side higher to do the pose. Thanks!

Great queston!

We typically advise students to try to keep the hips symetrical in many of the standing poses because the hip lift can aggrivate the SI joint, and is often a form of compensation. This does not mean that the hips are always aligned, but we are bringing awareness into the pelvis to notice how we avoid tension and take the path of least resistance, ie lift the hip because it is easier.