Leading to Lotus and Longer Sits

I’m interested in sustainable longer sits on the floor for meditation. By ‘longer’ I mean more than 100 minutes, from 100 to 120 minutes. A full lotus is not realistic goal for me but a loose half lotus would be great. With this, my idea was to do yoga progressions that would lead to my goals.

I browsed the classes and couldn’t find any progressions leading to the lotus. There are a lot of hip openers of course, but a progression leading to the half and then to a full lotus would be great.

Sustainable longer sits, in my experience, require a lot of opening in the inner sacrum/groin area, inner waist, and inner chest anterior to the spine, at least these are my problematic areas. There are lots of classes for the core strength and they help, but they don’t necessarily open my problematic areas.

Anyway, this is what I’ve been looking for for some time now in the online yoga world.


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Thanks for sharing - those are long sits! Good for you.

That’s a great idea. I’ll put that on our list of future classes. I’m sure we can make that happen.

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