Would love more full-length classes!

I’ve been noticing a lot of quick classes popping up recently and would love some more Intermediate/Advanced full length (45-75 minute) classes. I’m enjoying going back to practice past full-length classes.

Thank you for all you do!


I second this request.
I really enjoy the longer classes of around 60 minutes at the Intermediate II to Advance level. Please, can we have some new longer classes.
Many thanks.


I was just thinking about filming some longer classes! We have been focusing on building out some new challenges which often requires shorter classes. That work is completed now so we can start to create some longer classes too! I will get back to the studio this month!

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Here is my hopefully constructive input: Short classes are great for morning and nighttime and meditation. .

Otherwise, I do prefer regular classes - one hour, I do not walk around all day in yoga clothes to do this short classes. Yoga is my time and one hour or so is just fine. We have a local yoga community, everything is outside, different location (beach, parks etc.) and the same concept as DYWM with different instructors. But in between I like my DYWM at my own place and my own time.
I definitely would like more longer classes for Intermediate or II . As far as restorative, I think I know what my body needs. by now and when.
Thanks for your outstanding work. Best to All.

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Agree with this. My sweet spot is between 40 and 60 minutes, and the majority of new classes are under half an hour: by the time you add the relaxation start and end that’s another 5 minutes gone so the actual exercise is maybe 20 minutes, that’s just too short for me.
It would be great to have a few longer classes !


Thank you for this feedback, we are always trying to create content to meet our users needs.

The only full length class of 60> minutes that I found & have used for about 5 years now, is Mellissa’s Core Strength & Stretch because it suits 2 things: my preference for Iyengar’s focus on placement and my “Senior” status. I flesh out the routine by adding in other asanas of my own choosing. She also has a hip opener class, which I enjoy occasionally but the asanas there are too similar to the class I’ve already mentioned. But since both are very generously available free of charge, I’m not complaining. For variety, however, it would be great if other teachers in the Seniors section could donate at least one comprehensive, free 75-minute class, as so much time is lost in explaining asanas, preparation, transitioning between asanas & the closing asana, that when one actually counts the number being offered, it’s fewer than would be performed in a class as in real time. A lot of time could be saved at the end of classes, by not showing the instructor in Corpse pose for as long as Melissa does, for example… all that is necessary is a brief explanation at the end of all intermediate level classes, stressing the importance of the asana & why spending at least 20 minutes resting this way at the end of every yoga class is vital. It might be an idea to devote a separate video to the Corpse Pose for beginners to learn about and to remind the rest of us of its significance & why it is so important to do it at all, at the end of a long yoga class. However, I’m very grateful for all the effort that is clearly necessary to make this site so successful. David is quite remarkable in his sincerity, selfless authenticity and deep commitment to deliver classes to those of us who would otherwise never have found classes where they live or during the pandemic, or would have been struggling with inadequate classes or none at all, is quite unparalleled on the entire Net, where there are so many self-serving narcissists & greedy practitioners more interested in money than delivering quality, to an uninformed but enthusiastic market.