Padmasana/Full Lotus Pose

Thanks for the 2-month free subscription! I have been enjoying and learning so much from your videos from last 1 week.

I had a question about Padmasana. I have been able to do half lotus pose from a very long time but I can hardly do the full lotus pose (Padmasana). What’s the right way to progress and achieve Padmasana pose ?

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Good question… I’m going to get a video together on this. I’m sure others would like to know this too. Perhaps we could do a video series.

For now, let me try to explain how to move into the full pose. Start sitting with legs straight in front of you. Choose a foot, bend your knee and bring that foot to your groin, rotating the leg outward as much as you can. Work that foot up onto the inner thigh of the opposite leg, as close to the hip as you can. Be careful with knee discomfort.

Once it is placed, do the same with the other leg, once again rotating the leg outward as much as you can. The outward hip rotation is key. Then try to work that foot up onto the inner thigh, top of the thigh, then upward toward the hip.

Obviously, stop where your body tells you to. To progress to the place where you can move more deeply into this pose, work on hip flexibility. You can find a lot of pose videos by going to our Yoga Poses page and choosing ‘Hips’ under ‘Body Part’.

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