Maintaining Learned Healthy Posture, like in Mountain Pose

How can we maintain healthy posture throughout the day when our habit posture is persistently unhealthy? I tend to over arch or hunch

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Hello there!

Good question. I think this is a common struggle for many.

I find the best thing to do is to try to encourage a light lifting sensation throughout your spine, as though you have a string attached to the top of your head and someone is always gently pulling it up. That will help you remain tall, but not in a forceful way. Lightness is the key.

I hope that helps.


I’ve found that I’m much better about catching myself slouching or arching over than I used to be after starting my yoga practice last June. It takes a conscious mind to try to catch yourself when you are hunched over or are slouching, but the more conscious you are of it, the more you’ll catch it. :slight_smile:

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I’ve always had shoulders that hunched forward. It took a lot of effort and constant reminding by others to fix it. It was only after a yoga teacher pointed out to me that my spine was slightly curved that I realized why. The bad posture also meant that the muscles were weak. The shoulder stretching, back and core strengthening poses in yoga have really helped with that. Really, I’ve noticed a huge difference. Now I feel I have the strength to hold better posture but with a lightness that David mentioned. It also starts to become muscle memory with regular practice. It takes time. I still often find myself hunching but now I notice it. It actually feels uncomfortable not to stand or sit straight!


Because I was curious and bored, I tried Critical Alignment Therapy yoga (CAT) last year. Wasn’t looking for anything special. Just bored and curious. After once a week for 2 months, I walk with ease with excellent posture. It releases(?) the vertebrae of the thoracic spine. Check it out.