Modified Arm Movements


Hello, I have a few purchased beginner videos and would really like to follow them completely. My problem is my shoulders. I have tendonitis in both bicep tendons and the arm movements are very painful. I was hoping I could get some help on modifying my arm movements. The very latest video I purchased is the Deep Hip Opening Flow with Melissa Krieger.


We’ve been asked similar questions before, so it seems to me that it’s time for us to create a video on optimal shoulder positioning, alignment and muscle engagement. I think that is exactly what you need, and for issues like bicep tendinitis, you can modify if needed.

Let me know if there are any specific poses that challenge you arm and shoulder strength and alignment that we can focus on.

Warm regards,

DoYogaWith Founder


Hi David, thank you for the reply. I would be very happy with a new video! The biggest issue I have is the roatation of my arms above my shoulders or even if I’m on my back with my arms out at the T position. It’s really painful and really difficult for me to accomplish. The videos I have say I can drop my shoulders down if I feel them coming up to my ears. Right now I need to keep my hand on my waist when I do the bend and stretch video from Melissa. I would love to see a new video about proper arm and shoulder movement.
Thanks again, David.

Elizabeth Henderson


My pleasure, Emily. It sounds like you may want to see someone who can have a closer look at what’s limiting your shoulder mobility, since learning shoulder stabilization sometimes doesn’t help when there is an injury that needs attention.

In the meantime, I’ll look into creating a video to address this.

Take care,

DoYogaWithMe Founder


Hi David,

I hope you get this.

My background:

breast cancer Dec 2013

removal/treatments Jan 2014-Aug 2014

reconstruction Jul 2016

Would you happen to have anyone on your staff that is knowledgeable or even has had gone though what I have? Would love some videos for yoga/cancer/reconstruction or to speak with them.

Thank you,

Elizabeth Henderson



Thanks Elizabeth. I’ll look into what we can do.

Take care,