Very stiff shoulders

I started yoga last year and like many other beginners it’s slow progress! One thing that is really troubling me though is I have very stiff shoulders so that all poses that require lifiting up my arms over my head cause a great deal of discomfort and I’m unable to lift my arms up and behind my head. In the past I’ve suffered from frozen shoulder (both sides) which probably hasn’t helped.
Is there any short practice I could do every day that would help (alongside the various beginners challenges I’m working though) as this is really preventing me enjoying a lot of classes.

Hi Rhoda, I have very stiff shoulders too but they are very slowly improving. A couple of classes I found really helpful is Davids Hands, Arms and Shoulders and Melissas Beginner Yoga for shoulder strength Beginners' Yoga for Shoulder Strength |

Good Luck. Trish

Thank you Trish I’ll give them a try. How often do you do them?


Pretty frequently (usually a couple of times a week but more if I am stressed or headachy) but I try and listen to what my body needs each morning and decide from there. I have a couple of others I use too but not from DYWM. I get a lot of tension headaches and these all has been soooo helpful. Gradually over time my shoulders have become a bit more flexible but it is definately still a work in progress. The other 2 I use a lot are:
This one is from Yoga with Kassandra for upper back knots

and this one from yoga TX is short and sweet but also very helpful.

I hope that helps. Trish

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