Shoulder and Bicep injury

Last year I had surgery for a torn rotator cuff and torn bicep. I’ve been doing relatively well on the beginner level but am afraid to put weight on it. My range of motion isn’t great over my head so warrior, triangle, etc are not balanced. Any tips for modifying, building strength, or agility?


Yes, you’re right to modify. You’ll want to stretch and strengthen gradually and carefully. I would recommend doing the poses, but easing back on stretches that stretch where you’re feeling sensitive. The same with strengthening - modify when doing anything that puts a demand on those muscles. For example, in plank keep your knees on the floor.

And don’t hesitate to take breaks whenever you need to. Treat each class like a guide that you can modify for your own needs.

I hope that helps!


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It does. It’s a slow process, but a year ago, before the surgery, I couldn’t do yoga or Pilates at all. I’m so thankful to be able to do this. Thank you.

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Way to go! That’s fantastic. It must have been difficult to stick to it and so rewarding now that you’ve seen such positive results.

I feel your pain Virginia. 3 surgeries on my left and an upcoming on my right. It’s hard to modify for that.

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Thank you David, this will help me too!

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Hi, I took a fall on my bike and am scheduled for rotator cuff surgery in 2 days. Missing my regular yoga practice. I am wondering if there are any classes/ could you create a couple of classes/ that are geared to the lower body and balancing that does not involve the shoulders? Not sure if that’s even possible, but I’ve been trying some seated stretches, lower back twists, modified hip openers.
Been a member for a couple of years, now and love the classes. I, too will be doing the modified poses as the shoulder heals. Thanks!


Hello there. Sorry to hear that - I hope your recovery goes well!

We likely have a lot of classes that would work for your particular situation, but we don’t have the categorized in a specific way. Have you tried searching on the terms ‘seated’ or ‘lying’? Those may bring up classes that could work for you.

Perfect! i will double check with my physical therapist just to be super cautious, but that sounds like a great strategy. Thanks.

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