Something for the upper body - but gently

Hi, I’m looking for one or two video suggestions.

I have very little flexibility. I tend to focus on whatever body part hurt the most and since I discovered DYWM years ago, I’ve focused on my hips and lower back. Now, enter a toddler that needs being held in arm plus quite a lot of computer use: I have the stiffest shoulders (and arms) in the world. Every stretchy movement hurts.

So, can you please recommend any videos with very gentle upper body stretches? Thanks!


Hi Eugenia! My name is Bobbi. I’m not a “yoga professional” but for 10 years I was a hard professional who worked herself to the bone…to the point that I, who was once lithe and athletic, couldn’t move my shoulders and back. It hurt to try.

I found relief in yin yoga. Just push it to the “first edge” as my instructor always called it, it should be uncomfortable but nothing you can’t breathe through. I also started stretching my shoulders any time I passed through a doorway just a quick grab & pull. Weird, but it helped massively.

I wish you the best of luck, and if you find something else please drop me a note!


Thank you! I actually do more yin yoga than any other variety, I’ll have to look for videos with more upper body focus. Doing bits here and there along the day is also a great idea.


Hi there.

We have quite a few gentle hatha and yin yoga classes that focus on the shoulders, arms and upper back. Have you tried these ones?

Hatha Yoga for the Hands, Arms and Shoulders

Yin Yoga for the Shoulders

A Deep Release for the Shoulders and Neck

We have many more that I can recommend if needed.

Take care,


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Hello! Thanks a lot for the recommendations. I’ve waited to answer until I had time to try these. The first one is just at my current level (and it’s relatively easy to do with a toddler toddling about - he spent half the session sitting on my lap), while the second one is a bit intense and I hold the poses for half the time. I’ll try these until I feel more flexible. Thanks again!

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My pleasure. I’m impressed that you can pull off a class with a toddler in the room!