Music links in Grounding challenge

Once again I’m loving the new challenge - they really motivate me. Just a dumb techi question - I play dywm on my ipad, if I want the spotify playlist do i have to run that on another device? can’t figure out how to run both at the same time ?

Hi Allison,

You can open and play the playlist in a new tab… simply touch and hold on the playlist button and select “open in new tab” from the window that pops up. You could also play the playlist on one of apps (Spotify etc…)

That’s a very good question and I had that question also. But if you open it in a new tab then I don’t think you can hear the teacher’s voice if you’re using the same device. And I think that’s what we’re wondering. do we have to have it on another device in order to have the music and the instruction?

the only way i’ve made it work is two devices - playlist on phone, yoga on ipad. two windows can’t run sound. didn’t like it anyway, so no worries!

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That’s what I thought. Thanks