Name versus username display, privacy


Hi, way back when I registered with DYWM I chose a name that used to show up in my profile and posts. Now my “username” is showing which was assigned to me. Can site admin/community moderate switch which is displayed, give me power to change the username that is shown, or help me change my username? I’m sure other users have privacy and control concerns here. Thanks!


I’ve noticed that my chosen “name” in the full site login shows up as I stipulated, so it looks like this is an issue within the forums platform. Clearly these are relatively public even if a login is required. Looking forward to an update. Thanks!


Yes, the forum software displays the username. There isn’t a way to update it to give the choice between showing either the username or name. May I ask what privacy concern you have regarding showing a username? I can send your concern to the developer of the forum.