New Member - seach suggestion?

I’m loving the site, and am thankful that I have found it! I am a monthly subscriber and thus far, have not been disappointed!

Possibly I just cannot figure out how to do it, but am looking for a way to find classes that focus on “balance poses” - I see a lot for shoulder/back/arms/etc., but am trying to widen my knowledge of (specifically), balance poses.

In addition, I have yet to figure out what those (+) signs mean, on particular class videos?

In advance - thanks you for such a GREAT site!


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Hi Kelly.

Thanks for reaching out!

That’s a great question. We currently don’t have a way to search according to the class focus, such as foot balances, twists, leg stretches, etc… This is something we have considered to do so that people have a greater ability to find what they are looking for. We’ll revisit this in our next meeting.

The plus sign means that it’s subscriber-only - only subscribers can watch the video or access the program/challenge.

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I too would love to be able to search this way…but I understand that it must be hard to break down each video into what it contains pose wise…I have also loved the idea of searching based on a body part…lots of times I want something to focus on hamstrings, or shoulders…currently I have to read all of the titles, or just guess on the ones that aren’t labelled something like "Happy Hip opener"
Great suggestion

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Just chiming it to say that I’d be happy to have a search option by body part too! :slight_smile:

Not necessarily something complicated (i.e. no need to establish if this or that more full-body oriented class is a tad more hip-focused), but there are many classes “for the hips” or “for the shoulders”, and sometimes I’d like to be able to have a quick look at all of them after swim training without sorting through manually.

And, as always, thanks for the great site! It really has helped bring my practice to the next level!


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Great, thanks. That seems to be a feature that people would like.

Yes, I can see how this one would be really helpful. We’ll look into a search based on body part as well.

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