Searching...2 lost classes! David?

I can’t seem to find two of David’s classes that I have done probably over a year ago. They both included guided meditation type sequences. One contains a segment with David using imagery of floating on water in a row boat or canoe. The other had a sequence toward the end in easy pose concentrating on the Ajna, third eye.

If anyone recognizes these and can tell me the names of the classes I would greatly appreciate it.


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Hmmmm… I can’t even name those classes, Melanie! Have you tried filtering by my name and going through the classes that way? It could be my Yoga for Anxiety or Yoga for Stress Relief.

Hi David–Yes, I did filter for your classes and search through them. I scanned Stress Relief and did Yoga for Anxiety last night (great!), and scanned a few others I thought it might be. Could they possibly be from a meditation of yours? I suspect you would remember the boat sequence if you had recorded it, tho. I don’t use any other yoga website, and I thought I was certain it was one of your offerings. Have you ever removed content? Maybe it’s just not here anymore? Maybe it was much longer ago than I remember and it’s off the site now?

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I certainly recall doing the meditation with David where you visualize being in a rocking boat! I did it years (I suppose five years) ago, so it must be one of the older audio recordings in the meditation section.


Yes, I’m sorry that I don’t recall the classes you’re referring to. I’ve filmed so many! :slight_smile:
I hope you - or someone in the community - can help.

None of the class videos have been removed… unless there’s something happening that we’re not aware of!

Thanks for replying. You confirmed that I am remembering it correctly. Maybe one day I will stumble across it.

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I love the rocking in the boat one too and came back across it recently. But sadly can’t remember where. I also recall a 3rd eye one. I’ve often thought it would be really useful to have a way to track which classes we’ve done and to have a place to jot down our notes on a given practice. I know, I could easily do this off line, but never manage too. :^) I, too, totally love DYWM. I am particularly grateful that as my practice evolves, DYWM always has classes to suit my needs. Namaste.


Oh…yes, you have jogged my memory and I do recall enjoying very much the third eye also! I am certain of that one because I had a very vivid experience during it.

Hopefully, someone will read this who knows the name of those videos and post here.

There is a place to save the videos we like. I liked so many that I no longer knew why I saved them to my liked videos, so being able to write notes with the saved videos would be helpful.



Thank you, Pru and sorry it took so long for me to respond!

I like your feedback. You can bookmark classes, by the way. Have you tried that? We are also working on adding features that will allow you to track classes more easily.

Take care,


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I agree!

Oh, and by the way Melanie, you can add comments to your bookmarked videos. The comment box comes up after you click on the bookmark button.

Hi Melanie

I did one of David’s classes yesterday which used rocking boat imagery. Its called “Restorative: Letting Go Through Stillness and Stretch”

I hope that helps!


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Hello Wendy—

I bet that is it…will be trying it tonight. The picture with legs up the wall looks familiar.

Thank so much for taking the time to reply to me!!