Yoga and Anatomy

The short tutorials you have on alignment for specific poses are fantastic. And I understand anatomy is covered in teacher trainings. What about short tutorials on anatomy as it relates to yoga for students? Or a focus on a chosen topic about a part of the body/muscle/bone and how it relates to or plays into practicing yoga. This could be featured in your weekly newsletter.

As a student, I often don’t know the anatomical or musculature references made in the yoga class videos. Or I only kind of understand them. Of course, I have looked them up. But it would be so great to learn about it from your team of yoga teachers who can approach it from the perspective of yoga. I understand ‘thigh bone’ but I didn’t have a concrete idea of what it looked like when mentioned in a class. And I keep forgetting that it’s the femur. I’ve heard ‘tibia’ and just now remembered to look it up.

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I totally agree with you and the suggestions you have made. I would be happy to participate (for an extra fee) in a woorkshop about Yoga and Aatomy. I think it would be very helpful me and maybe for other students as well. Thanks for bringing this up.

These are great ideas, @MariamS and @Brinbriupnorth!

We are currently considering running more tutorial sessions, so we will take your advise into account!

Thanks for considering my suggestion. Best!

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Thanks David! Looking forward to learning more.

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