No running for a while. How to keep strong with yoga?

Hi everybody,
First of all, thanks to DoYogaWithMe for providing a 2-months free access to all the people affected by Covid-19 emergency. I started to do yoga just a couple of weeks ago, first time in my life, and I enjoy it very much.

I am a runner, but I am forced to inactivity because of current restrictions here in Italy. I would like to know if anybody can suggest me some yoga exercises that could be useful to keep my legs (especially the calves) in good shape during these weeks? I tried to run up and down the stairs, but it is impractical, and I don’t like at all running on the spot in my lonely room :slight_smile:

Any suggestion is more than welcome.
Thank you and have a wonderful day!


Sending positive thoughts to Italy! Stay healthy.

I’m sure David will offer great insight for you on this topic. To find the specific classes available, use the “Style” filter and select Yoga for Runners. That will show you the running specific classes. Also, there is a specific program called Yoga for Runners: Improve Flexibility and Performance.

For cardio, I’m spending lots of time on my spin bike. If your home-stay is going to be extended, perhaps consider buying a treadmill or spin bike. Jumping rope and wall sits are good for the legs. Another idea is to search for pre-season ski/snow-board readiness programs, these are pretty leg intensive. Last idea, I’ve done P90X in the past and there are leg specific days. The program is mostly body-weight based and can be done at home. Fair warning, prepare to hurt if you do this program :grinning:

Stay healthy!

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Hi Barry,

Thank you very much for your reply and suggestions! So helpful. Buying a treadmill/spin bike is not an option for me, since I already know they would end up being used as coat racks in a few weeks (hopefully) :upside_down_face:, but I will definitely use the search function and the resources provided.

Again, thanks a lot and stay safe!


Hi @Barry-H and @edaksi.

Yes, these are crazy times! Can’t even go for a run!

Barry had some great ideas - skipping rope would be great. Yoga can’t really achieve the cardio that running does, however a good vinyasa class with Fiji or Tracey can certainly get the heart rate up! Just choose a name and length that sounds appealing and give it a try.

Hi David,
Thank you for your reply and suggestions, I will give them a try! And thank you also for granting everybody the full access to DYWM - during these troubled times, it’s a quiet and pleasant haven.

Stay safe, everybody! :wink:


Hi, I am sending lots of love and healing to Italy in such a challenging time. David and Barry have made wonderful suggestions and I would like to add that sun-salutations of any kind done in repetition will definitely bring up your heart rate. Once you get the groove with myself or Fiji you can keep on going. It’s a beautiful way to start the day! Stay healthy and love from Canada.

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And, I’m no longer at jalayoga but you can find me traceynoseworthyyoga instead.

Hello Tracey,
Thank you for your suggestion, in fact I noticed during one of my first classes that sun salutations can be physically challenging, of course in a positive and satisfactory way. I will keep on doing them!
Love from Italy, and take care! :wink: