Nostril Breathing alternative

Hello -

I have a deviated septum and cannot do the alternate nostril breathing - in fact classes here are how I found out! I get so little air on one side that I strain to pull air in and then over compensate on the other side to get enough air. I am not going to have surgery as I don’t suffer any other symptoms, but I wonder what a good alternative for this breathing is during a video?

Thank you. - Robin

Hello Robin,
there is a variation to Nadi Shodana which could work for you - I try to explain it:
"breath in through both nostrils in synchronicity with your breathing in, you lift your right arm - without a breath you close your right nostril with the right thumb - breath out through the left nostril - breath in through the left nostril - without a breath you put the right hand back on your lap - breath out through both nostrils -
Again breath in through both nostrils in synchonicity with your breathing in you lift your left arm - without breath you close your left nostril with your left thumb - breath out through your right nostril -after breath in through your right nostril - without a breath put your left hand back on your lap - Again breath in through both nostrils and repeat from side to side.
If its too difficult from my written instructions, I can with pleasure show you in a zoom meeting and talk you trough the procedure…
If you can manage after a while, not to overcompensate on the other side it would still be a good pranayama for you. We all have at times one nostril which is more open than the other.

Good Luck

Hi Robin,

I am happy that you found out! You can do ujjayi breathing or viloma pranayama instead, or simple 4 sided box breathing to create focus and calm.